Donate to the Alliance

Healthcare provider shortages on Hawaii Island and the resulting gaps in services have a harmful effect on nearly all local residents, part-time residents and visitors.

How much of an impact? That varies depending on personal health and availability of service at the moment of need.

When is the best time to work to reduce these gaps in services and improve Hawaii Island’s health systems? Now, before the need is desperate.

Join us in working toward solutions. Donations are tax deductible and will be used by the Alliance to accomplish priority initiatives:

  • Grow Our Primary Care Workforce
  • Recruit Healthcare Providers
  • Align Policy
  • Collaborate and Leverage Resources

All donations will be processed through our fiscal sponsor, Friends of the Future. Please indicate under “Note to Seller” that you would like your donation to benefit HIHA. The link below will take you to the FOF donate page where you can click to make your donation through their Paypal shopping cart.